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Madman and The Atomics.

This wiki is dedicated to the superheroes of Snap City: Madman and The Atomics! Join and edit our wiki to your heart's content if you're a fan of Michael Allred's zany comic book adventures. Ginchy!

Madman and The AtomicsEdit

Madman is a long running comic book series created by Michael Allred in 1992. Madman as a character first appeared in Creatures of the Id in 1990 as Frank Einstein, a psychic-for-hire that looked like Frankenstein (get it?). In his own series, Frank Einstein became a costumed hero known as Madman. Over the course of his adventures, Frank meets a group of mutated street beatniks with super powers who eventually become a group of superheroes known as The Atomics.

Madman and his friends have appeared in numerous comic series and have crossed over with a multitude of famous characters like Hellboy and Superman.

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